Body N Voice Lessons

Body N Voice Studios lessons are one hour long.

The first thirty minutes focuses on learning technique. The latter thirty minutes focuses on using technique in singing music.

Music choice is up to the student or by the teacher's recommendation.

At Body N Voice Studios, we know that it is sometimes hard to believe how good a product really is. So we invite you to take a trial lesson for only 5,000¥ and see how we can make you a better singer!


Lesson Options and Rates

There are three lesson options available at Body N Voice Studios. Students can choose which option best suits their individual needs. If the teacher is traveling out transportation will be covered by the student, plus a one time outside studio usage fee of 2,500¥. If a student wants to use their home studio or another private studio outside of Body N Voice Studios’ studios, the student will be responsible for paying studio fee cost. We are NOW excepting Credit Card payments with Square and PayPal.

  • Lesson A (Adult)

One time lesson for vocal coaching/voice lesson/diction/pronunciation lesson. 7,500 yen/hr (individual only)

  • Lesson B (Adult)

There are three cycles (lesson packages) available in this option and all lessons are sixty minutes long:

  • 3 lessons for 19,000 yen

  • 6 lessons for 37,000 yen

  • 9 lessons for 55,000 yen

  • 12 lessons for 73,000 yen

Trial lesson: 5,000¥

All lessons will expire after a 6-month period of non-usage.  After a cycle is used, the student can begin a new cycle. It’s fine to keep the previous one or choose a different cycle. (individual only)

  • Lesson C (All-Levels)

Vocal intensives/voice/acting/music and drama workshops for groups (choirs, schools, bands, business etc)

Rates provided upon request.

Kids'/Junior Lessons

All kids/junior lessons are thirty-minutes long.

  • Lesson A

    One time lesson for vocal coaching/voice lesson 6,500yen/per thirty minutes (Individual only)

  • Lesson B

    10 lessons for 50,000yen (+ Transportation if traveling out); (Individual only)

  • Trial Lesson: 5,000¥

Musical Theatre Class

Musical Theatre Scene Study Class for adults.

If you're interested in this class please inquire by e-mail for more information. This class is 10 months long, beginning from February through December with a full production in early December.

Please note: Cash/Credit non-refundable for all lessons.

All rights to any performance/photos/recordings/workshops/events under B.N.V.S. is property of B.N.V.S. with freedom to use, post, copy, or sell without permission.



"When I met Chris I was already deep into being a professional singer who got hoarse quite often, and who had a limited vocal range. Chris helped to fix all that. In less than two months, after years of singing, I finally learned how to do it right. Now I have a recording contract, a busy schedule, I never get hoarse and I can now hit the high notes in places I never knew I could."
- Monique Dehaney, recording artist -

You don't have to be an experienced singer to take lessons with Chris. He can help you choose a song that you like and help you sound really professional. I have gained lots of confidence in performing at the recital 2012, and I have become even more obsessed with music and singing! I recommend Chris to any student wanting to take singing lessons."
Izzy Moulding - age 13

"Chris is a classically-trained professional singer and is a singing force to be reckoned with. Not only does he have an amazing gift, he is a warm-hearted, funny and vivacious guy. I also got to take some of Chris's singing lessons and discovered that being taught by a professional truly makes a world of difference. I thoroughly recommend it for those who need voice coaching and for those who need a dream to make them strong ;)"
Cathy Schusler

"Chris is great because he focuses on how great vocals feel, using the body holistically instead of the throat. That helped me in both range and quality of my voice and in becoming a more consistent singer".
- German

"Only those who are sincere about improving their vocal performance, are willing to practice every day by themselves and want to develop tools for singing various styles should sign up for his sessions. The hard work is worth it. The hours of sessions and practice lead me to being cast in various musicals and commercials!"
Sonja Inge

"からだを十分に使って声を出すためのテクニックを分かりやすく教えてくれます。またクリスは、素晴らしい耳を持っているので正しく発声されているかどうかを示してくれます。そうすることで、さらに自分の耳とからだの感覚でイメージがつかめて本当の声が磨かれていくのを実感することができます。 声がパワフルにそしてボーカルラインも滑らかになりました。 私は歌うことに喜びを感じます。感謝 "

"Chris Levens is a teacher I recommend to people of all ages, experiences, and are committed to singing. He isn't intimidating to beginners, but will match the professionalism you show if you're very committed to your craft. He can help with notes, range, vibrato, breathing, and enything else you'd like to work on. When in lessons with him, you'll be able to explore your interests in songs, but with him pushing you in the right direction. I highly suggest him as an instructor, he's been my most enjoyable voice teacher yet."
- Mary Harris - age 15

“Chris is simply the best! I can’t recommend him enough! He’s simply wonderful to work with and has helped my voice grow immensely.  He is friendly, attentive, patient, sensitive, with a great sense of humor, while at the same time completely focussed on the task at hand. Whether you’re just passing through and are looking for someone to take a lesson or two, or are residing here looking for a regular teacher look no further! Whether you’re a seasoned pro on your Japan tour requiring vocal assistance, or a pure beginner interested in exploring your singing potential - and/or simply the joys of singing, or somewhere in between, adult or child, he’s got you covered. 

 For those who are serious about wanting to take their voice further he will always stretch you beyond of your comfort zone on the way to a more expansive singing voice. Like the best personal trainer in the gym, he quickly hones in on where you’re currently at and immediately starts working to take you further, toward whatever your vocal goals might be. 

 For those who long to increase their vocal range, as well as increasing power and resonance in your upper (as well as lower) ranges, while singing more effortlessly, Chris is your man, with a degree in teaching voice from the US he knows his stuff and can take you there if you’re willing to put in the work. 

 I say this all from personal experience. Chris’ been taking my own voice to these places in the time I’ve been working with him. I’m a professional vocalist and, as I said above, he has helped me grow my voice immensely - allowing me much more freedom and versatility for my singing work and for my own music. And the joy that it brings. Bringing more resonance into one’s voice also brings one into a state of increased joy. I might walk into a lesson feeling dead, tired, depressed, whatever, but will ALWAYS walk out transformed - feeling energized and excited, happy, light hearted, with a bounce in my previously dull step! Who needs therapy! Chris can help you find (if you’re new) or re-discover (if you’re a jaded pro) the joy of singing!” -Julianne Spicer

“Um es in einfache Worte zu fassen :

Chris ist ein fantastischer Lehrer und Sänger. Er schafft es, mit seiner Art und seinen Ansätzen ein Mindset zu erzeugen, dass sich eben nicht nur mit dem perfekt getroffenen Ton oder der saubersten Atmung beschäftigt, sondern vor allem auch dem Spaß am Singen mit in den Vordergrund stellt. Dies gelingt ihm nicht zuletzt mit seiner offenen und warmherzigen Art, bei der man sich sofort wohl fühlt. 

 Doch auch technisch ist Chris ein toller Lehrer. Seine Übungen und Praktiken sind einfach zu verstehen und er nimmt sich Zeit, diese auch so zu vermitteln. Zudem hat er ein großes Gefühl für die Stimme als auch die Haltung, Ausstrahlung etc. seiner Schüler/innen . Die Kritik dazu bringt er ebenfalls so rüber, dass man sie auch verstehen kann.

 Ich würde Chris in jedem Falle weiterempfehlen, nicht zuletzt, da er selbst ein toller Sänger mit viel Erfahrung ist.

Ach ja, und nicht gegen den Schrank lehnen, das mag er gar nicht.” -Florian F.



The following workshops are available for groups of all ages, schools, and organizations. All workshops are catered to each individual group for the maximum learning needs of that group. Prices will be determined by size, hours, and age of the group. Please inquire for further details.

  • Voice Workshops

Teaching how to use the voice and the fundamentals of breathing and support with games and exercises.

  • Acting/Drama Workshops

Teaching actors how to understand their voice through projection, breathing, and voice selection. Using it on- and offstage through exercises and games.

  • Music Workshops

Understanding the fundamentals of music and how we use it every day in life. Fun games and exercises are incorporated in the learning.


Late Fee

A ¥2,500 late fee will be assessed for each week payment is overdue, or not paid in full.



Because lessons are scheduled ahead of time, Body N Voice Studios has a simple and fair cancellation policy:

If a student cancels on the day of a scheduled lesson it will count as a USED lesson.

Cancelling 24 hours before or earlier is OK and will not affect the lessons used.

Contact Body N Voice Studios.